Everybody at Global Surf Industries believes in making a very real contribution to the community in which we work. To make sure we do so, we actively support a range of community initiatives which we feel best reflect our company mantra, "Life is better when you surf®".

In New Zealand the organizations profiled below are good examples of the types of charities GSI gets involved with. If you can help any of these organizations, please feel free to do so. On the other hand, if you think that any of these organizations might be able to help you, we can recommend each of them wholeheartedly on the basis of our experiences with them in the past.


Our purpose at Live for More is to empower rangatahi/young people to find freedom from their troubled pasts and be inspired to live positive and fulfilling lives. Through our surf therapy programmes, we transform troubled lives – one wave at a time.

Our Reason for being. We pursue high-risk rangatahi/young people who are disengaged from society. They are caught up in lifestyles of drugs, alcohol and crime, and they have slipped through the cracks of conventional intervention.

Live for More builds strong rapport and healthy, lasting relationships with rangatahi through our surf therapy programmes. Surf therapy has an amazing capacity to facilitate engagement, be a positive physical outlet and also increase connection and belonging. Alongside surf therapy, we also provide intensive clinical counselling, practical life navigation skills, mentoring and cultural sessions.  All of this is aimed to empower self-belief, confidence and a positive outlook. With a renewed understanding of life and purpose, as well as their identity, potential and culture, we see rangatahi finding freedom for themselves and their whānau.

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At SurfAid our core mission is to improve the health, well-being and resilience of remote communities connected to us through surfing.

We believe that positive, sustainable and long-lasting change can only be achieved through the active involvement of the locals in the places we work.

SurfAid is committed to a 'hand up, not a handout' philosophy, and our focus is on empowering and supporting local communities to enrich their own lives, and increase their choices and possibilities for realising their own potential.

We strive for lasting improvement in the health, well-being and resilience of remote communities by implementing community-led development programs that are clear in their goals, effective in their implementation and subject to continuous monitoring and evaluation.

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